Wednesday, August 4, 2010


CHANGE is simply the name given to the energy of movement that continually re arranges our outside world in accordance with, and in-sync with our inner world growth.

If we choose the path of self understanding, we must also be prepared for CHANGE, CHANGE and all things CHANGING as it reflects back to us our continual and rapid growth. One simply cannot undertake the path of self-understanding whilst fearing CHANGE. The pain of the Journey is not so much the strength and endurance it takes to trek the distance, but more so the pain is self inflicted is intensified by the holding on tight of our ‘baggage’ that almost pins us to the ground with it’s weight.
We would enjoy out Journey so much more where we able to cast off these weighted burdens, which are really just our fears packaged up in suitcases, backpacks, shoulder bags and large pockets. As we grow in understanding, this baggage grows heavier because it knows it doesn’t belong (untruths) anymore, and grows heavier in hope to finally drop off and be gone. All that is untrue will fall away by itself. As each chunky piece of baggage falls away, there is a major adjustment in our walk and stance and so our world CHANGES to reflect that.
CHANGE is GOOD! It’s a good thing! It means we are making choices and moving forward.

Never are we to attach any part of ourselves to any part of any person, place or thing.
How can a stage production change the sets between acts if we (as the actors/observers) hold onto and clutch to the structure and/or of the old set? How can the stage revolve if we insist on jamming it stopped with a crow bar?
CHANGE. Embrace it. It’s part of our natural state of Being.
CHANGE. It’s what we do. Yet ironically it’s what we most battle against doing, and it’s IN this very battle that we injure and wound ourselves as we struggle against what is really the most natural and instinctive thing for us TO do. To freely and continually live and flow in CHANGE.

We must, as a human race, shift our perspective and acceptance of CHANGE and shed our mislead beliefs that we have been programmed with regarding it. Like, that we must fear change, that change ALWAYS means bad things always, that change is always going to be for the worst and if it turns out ok then we sigh a ‘phew!’ that we were lucky that time, and that change makes us powerless and ever vulnerable.
This cloak of heavy baggage is a constant strain, pain and torment obstructing us from the sensual and pleasurable movement of Divine Change in motion.


CHANGE. It was never designed to be a punishment.

By Brenda Joy Nimwegen



When a negative fear based thought comes in, acknowledge it for not being the Truth, then let that thought keep dancing and entertaining itself right on through and out the other side to be gone. Thoughts come in, this is their nature, just don’t believe them as they’re passing so as not to get caught up in the web of illusion that they are spinning you.
They are NOT real.

Each and every thought I have that is one that doesn’t make me feel good, is another one of those fear-based thoughts of untruths.

THEN as I catch these thoughts, I call it out as untrue and ask it just HOW has that thought got anything to do with my ‘now’ experience? It will have nothing to do with my very NOW conscious state of Beingness. So I promptly stop thinking those thoughts and don’t allow myself for even one second further to self indulge and succumb to the familiar comfort of wallowing in unnecessary grief and fear.

Each thought that I make myself bigger than, is one that goes away never attempting to return because I’ve busted it as an untruth and in my very process of doing so, it too could see for itself the untruth that it is. When a Truth is challenged, the untruth is clearly revealed and falls away into the nothingness that it is.
Bringing us back into our NOW space once again.

With all these static thoughts out of the way, I am free to fully BELIEVE, TRUST and have complete FAITH in my ‘Nowness’. In my still clear nowness, I hear clearly my Knowing as it gently guides me with directions. This is the only thing I listen to and wait for. And it does come. Always does, and always on time.

Between each direction while I wait for the next, I relax and enjoy my NOW and all that surrounds me.
The Guidance and Direction ALWAYS comes in its right Divine time.
I’ll stop this thrashing around in disbelief that is uncalled for during the waiting time in-between.

By Brenda Joy Nimwegen.

Friday, February 19, 2010

CHOICE - It's always yours.

Though it may appear as paper-thin fine,

there is but only one line

that separates Good from evil:

It's called CHOICE.

Good/evil, Black/white, Truth/lie. There really is no in between. There is no gray.

There is only ever ONE correct choice for ourselves in any given moment. We have to learn how to choose which one it is.

Note that I said 'correct'. I did not say 'right or wrong'.

It matters not about the 'details', as we are not judging nor having opinions.

What matters is 'how' our choice made us feel. If it felt good then it was the Truth and our choice was True for us.

If your choice 'tried to make you feel good' but missed the mark and didn't, then it was an untruth. This choice was fear based.

By taking the thinking's judgements, fears & opinions away, there is really is only ever TWO choices. No gray. Only ONE correct choice and a billion incorrect ones.

We all have within ourselves the answer for what is True for us. We have to begin learning the difference between the two, so we can get better at choosing the Truth in any given moment, in any way, shape or form.

If you find you have chosen incorrectly, don't go into self condemnation. Simply allow yourself to choose again. You might get it right the next time, and again you might not. Live and learn. Choose again until you get it correct. It gets much easier the more you start to consciously make your own choices.

The image of the Yin/Yang symbol being defined Black & White. They do not bleed into each other creating any gray.

Yes, there is a very fine line that separates the Light from the darkness.....CHOICE.

Two choices. No gray.

To choose gray is to be a fence sitter who chooses NOT to choose.

B O R I N G !!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I mean REALLY Letting Go.

When we live nowhere else but in Our Now-ness Completely, we will have attained Living Heaven On Earth.
The more we Let Go Completely, the more that we can Hear, bringing us more and more Here.
Here and Now.

This is the very point of Great Power and Magic. The Now.
The more we harmonize and vibrate with the humming of the Now, the more Power there is to generate the manifestation of our heart’s desires.

Locking into the Now-Space switches on the magnet that draws and pulls all of these dreams to us.

If a huge Hot Air Balloon were symbolic of ourselves and our Ascension, Freedom and Fulfillment, then the ropes holding us to ground would be our mind, thinking and fears.
We all have a Hot Air Balloon.
We were all born in one!

We, as Hot Air Balloons, were made to and destined to fly high above the world. In this world but not of it.
But instead we wait in the basket boxes of our Balloon, entertaining ourselves while we believe that that is all there is. That life is IN the basket of the Balloon.
One day some realize we can fly?!? If we can fly we say, how is that possible whilst we are tied down with these ropes?
Why don’t more people have this awareness?
If we are not moving, then why?
WE must put in the work if we want to fly. WE must make the effort.
WE have to untie and Let Go the ropes. No half measures will do, obviously.
For to Let Go Completely, means ALL ropes holding our Flight to Freedom to ground must be snapped.
Bit freaky hanging on an angle with one rope still anchored firmly. Dangling isn’t fun.
Fence sitting is NEVER a comfortable experience I’ve noted.
Through my own discoveries and the observation of others.
We must keep Letting Go. When we question how much more do we have to go? Just look at your world.
Your Balloon is either snapped free and Ascending lofty heights, or, you’re still dangling, freaking and refusing to Completely Trust and Let Go Everything.
All ropes must go.
As to when? Up to us.
How long can we spend just in the box going nowhere?
When we are ready, we will stick our head up and look around to find how to move this thing we find ourselves in.
This is our Individual Evolutionary Mission.
First to discover that we are really Hot Air Balloons destined to fly.
Then, to work out and work at, freeing ourselves by releasing the ropes that hold us to the ground.



I feel once again a familiar buoyant sensation that now seems more consistent. A feeling of Magic enfolds me, pregnant with any number of wonderments and possibilities. All of which can be called upon and made manifest if I should desire it.
By Letting Go, I actually DO NOT fall down, down into the dark Abyss to my death!
Instead, I find that by Letting Go Completely, I only become lighter, and like a helium filled balloon, begin to ascend. My ascension into Heaven. This is my Evolution.
To Ascend into Heaven, is to have “Let Go Completely” enough to just simply BE.

A constant connection to our God brings God down and out into the world in its purest form, living then, Heaven on Earth.
This IS the “Second Coming”.
Others WILL follow.
It’s Evolution.
It’s Time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009





Monday, November 30, 2009



Adventuring within oneself
is not for the faint hearted
There are many times you’ll wish
that you never even started.

Many shall start and few shall finish
The crowd thins out
The lower self pull is too strong
Drenched with fear and doubt

But for those with strong endurance
and strong constitution
to do the journey within the journey
thrusts you toward your evolution.

To undertake the journey of self cleansing
Digging deep into the shadows and pits
is not the fluffy clouds and rainbows
that surface spirituality predicts

There was no map
no tourist information
yet I jumped right in
with no hesitation.

The world within would encourage me
when I screamed to jump off the train
They showed me the rewards I’d reap
by transmuting all my pain.

Confronting all the demons
Shining a torch in their face
as the terror shakes your foundations
and you think you’re out of the race.

As much as you put in you’ll get back
Though you won’t see much change for a while
Which brings up even more fear
for you to reconcile.

The time is now upon me
where the rewards are gushing through
Openly displayed and tangible
A treasured dream come true.

I’ll now go back and sign post
all the tricky bends in the road
for other courageous travellers
to help lighten their heavy load.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Struggle for Balance.

I found a little card that was stuck at back of one of my drawers, and as I pulled it out I knew exactly what it was about. This tiny little cared says:

In the midst of his Magic Cosmos
the Magician struggles for Balance.

The struggle for Balance is a constant in our lives no matter how “Enlightened” we think we may have become. There is great struggle and effort to use what we do to apply ourselves to consciously make correct choices for ourselves. The choices to be made will always be that of the Truth, as we struggle between those and the choices that our mind and its fears dictate to us to choose. The struggle for Balance.
The struggle for calm, assertive, confidence amidst all the noise and commotion that our minds continually scream out at us.
The struggle for Balance.
The struggle to find our Centre – and STAY there. For it is only when we are in our center and balanced, can we only ever make the correct choices for ourselves in any given moment about any given thing and experience.
All our Answers and access to the words of Truth live here in our Centre.
The Balanced Position is so extremely Powerful due to its incredible delicate nature.
The Balanced Position is a space of: warmth, of a soft gentleness, of Trust, of Letting Go of pre conceived ideas & outcomes. We then enter ourselves into a space that is a likened to more of a physical sensation description – where we suddenly feel like we’ve become a blown bubble that never pops on anything as it floats, sweeps and giggles along as it lightly wraps around another object in its way. In this BALANCED BUBBLE of BEINGNESS we find ourselves in, all and everything that we begin to touch along the way tickles us with Joy and Delight.
The Magic of this “BALANCED BUBBLE of BEINGNESS” stems from, is generated from and created from our own levels of Trust, Faith & Belief.
The effort with which we apply ourselves to Trust, have Faith and to Belief, will be the very Power Source that generates and sustains our safe

We have the control of our Bubble. We always have had. WE are responsible for the state of health our Bubble is in at any given moment.
We Learn over time what choices weaken our Bubble. Over time of Living and Learning, we actually DO eventually Grow you know! And you realize also that we just keep on Growing and Growing and Growing some more and more and then always more. . .

The more I consciously cultivate my BALANCED BUBBLE of BEINGNESS, the more it becomes second nature and a continuous experience. It does so because I am more and more in the space where I have access to the Truth so I can then make correct choices for myself in every given moment on every given thing and for whatever given reasons.

Continue to be conscious of choosing correctly. We can find ourselves becoming complacent when it comes to putting in the effort to maintain our
The great part about all this, is that you WILL know when you have not been maintaining your Balance. It will be obvious. Your outside world cracks and splits accordingly to the rigidness level of your Balanced Bubble.
Rigid bubbles don’t tickle, float or make us feel good. Rigid bubbles collide and bang into objects and always there is pain of some sort involved. So when we experience our outside worlds as “issues, dilemmas, dramas, discomfort and pain”, then we are obviously Rigid. Find out WHY we are Rigid and begin to expand ourselves and our flexibility once again so as to strengthen and empower our BALANCED BUBBLE of BEINGNESS to ensure that we eventually and effortlessly enjoy the ride and the Journey.

Whilst it’s tempting to get carried away and succumbed into the hypnotic dance of our Magic, we must choose to stay conscious. Choose to consciously feel and experience your Magic, yet not allowing yourself to ‘fall’ into it. For it is always ever changing, growing and moving forward – just like you and me – Flexible.

So amidst the loud inviting carnival atmosphere of our Magic, let this not blind us. We must always and at all times have ourselves alert, listening and ready to act upon our Truth instantaneously as it is given to us.